I'm Dorothea and I invite you to explore your life, the  life you know so well, by allowing you to see who you are through the eyes of your loved ones. I am confirmation of what you already know and feel. I just lay out all the ground work and the necessary tools or information to allow the listener or caller to continue on their path with confidence and proceed in the most healthy direction.

 My brand of guidance is directly pulled from you the individual. My clairvoyant and clairaudient ability connects with the energy within you to give me the answers you want or may need to hear. I am here as a guide and some times a tool to explore the deepest layers of any persons life. The intricate details of an individual's story is like no other so after coming to me you will know there isn't a single vague second of space.  Your time is filled with information uniquely formulated to you since it is a piece of your unique

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