ImageWe have all come from a legacy of people that were not always technologically savvy. We are inherent with many senses and it's a natural ability for us to know when danger occurs or know when anything upsets the equilibrium of our lifestyles. These natural senses are a honoring of your body's messages, there are no two patterns identical in human beings so you must know your self and honor the symptoms or signs your body gives you that let you know when everything isn't copasetic. Our body's still perform the way it should but we take many forms of medications, and mood enhancers to shut it up. You must remember a part of why we let these senses go is the service industry took over as we evolved as a dominant species of vast intelligence.  We made life very comfortable for ourselves. Constantly improving on our every comfort and fast paced lifestyles, industrializing, growing, harvesting, reproducing products and monstrosities at a rate of vast proportions.  You no longer have or make the time to know your (instincts). We rose to a level of superior intelligence and got rid of what no longer serves or what we thought we no longer needed [our instincts]. Becoming a race believing in only what you can see, hear, taste, touch and feel.

There used to be a time before plumbing with running water, when we instinctually knew what stream or river we could drink from. There was a time, before we had beautifully packaged meats, when we knew how to hunt and fish to bring meals to the table.  Grocery stores did not exist. We knew which plants were edible and we knew how to grow our produce. There use to be a time before doctors when we could heal very common ailments and certain ailments never existed because the level of stress was not there to help create these new and improved foreign diseases. We used to have a level of ease, before we became dis-eased.

There use to be a time we could instinctually know danger if we were walking right into it or be stalked by something bigger or stronger than ourselves.  The tracks and traces of these menacing elements were around and we instantly knew what to do or who to help. Now we are in a age of the Police being a phone call away, helping out in dangerous situations or disguised in a policeman's uniform coming to us to put us in further danger. Our intuitive selves' are so dormant now that our instincts are almost nonexistent.

We must get back to basics, to a level of inner peace that starts with knowing. A knowing that begins with intuition and grows into a more confident secure you.
I am here to assist you to reach your full potential, toward the glorious being you should be!


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