What is the difference between a clairvoyant and a psychic??
A clairvoyant
has a knowing of who you are and what your doing, and what you have done before asking you or before you tell me.  I give you answers to most if not all your questions before you ask.  I can go deep into the members of the family, friends and co-workers and give you accurate details about each one of them. Speculation is not a part real phenomenal answers are given.


A psychic is taught how to read people and don’t have a sense of the people they are reading for they are only looking at the tools and making generalizations about the person, but know real definite answers into who they are where they been and speculations on where their lives are going to end up.

What are your hours of business or should I say readings?
Hours 9am -5pm mon thurs, fri, sat.

Sun 8am to 9am

Wed. 9 to 3

Off on Tues.


Do you go to your clients or do your clients come to you?
Clients come to my locations   Parties I go to their locations

Do you take readings over the phone, if so who pays for the call?
Phone readings are available and the expense is at the client.

If I come for a reading, can I bring someone else with me to the session?
You can bring another person to the session if you don’t mind the answers that come through because I can’t gage the answers you will get.

What are the time limits on readings??
Time limit is thirty minutes to an hour.  You can buy more time need to extend it at the time of your appointment only, because usually booked completely afterwards.

What is the cost of a reading?
Cost of reading will be given by my assistant, call 404-344-9258

Are your readings accurate?
Reading are accurate and testimonial will give you some insight.

Would being a clairvoyant be similar to a root or voodoo worshiper?
I don’t do any voodoo work, or work to change out come.  I give you deep insight into your situation which will allow you to make choices and see further than you would have ordinarily.  There are practitioners out there that will provide this service.


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