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Certified Reiki and Universal Life Force Healer
Certified Practitioner
Licensed and Certified Palmist
Teacher Certification from the Atlantian Mystery School
Certified Staff Palmist from the Atlantian Mystery School



i.  Clairvoyant Readings
As a clairvoyant, I use Palmistry, Tarot, and Astrology for your unique personal experience. I work with you through my strong detailed, psychic sense to answer your questions with truthful and accurate insight into your life. My talents of clairvoyance are renown throughout the United States. I will clarify your questions about life, health, relationships, finances, career, employment and more. Experiencing my warm style of intuitive wisdom is an empowering, mind opening, soul revealing, unforgettable encounter. You will be amazed and overjoyed at the results. All readings are available to you on cassette tapes. Call for my schedule and to reserve an appointment which is available in person or by phone (404) 344-9258.


ii.  Reiki Healing
This technique spiritually guides your life force energy by producing a radiance that flows through and around you, repairing your mind, body and soul. This method naturally heals your entire body producing wondrous and miraculous effects of relaxation, peace, security and wellbeing. This is a natural and safe method of self-improvement and spiritual healing.

iii.  Health and Wellbeing
This examination is geared toward your physical and spiritual enhancement. Your strength, comfort and security, improves your vitality and facilitates significant healing milestones. Deep probing uncovers underlying issues which may have been caused by significant events. Release and free yourself from the dis-ease that surrounds you!


iv.  Past Life Analysis
This form of regression therapy analyses the discovery of how your past life effects you today. It comes in a beautifully laminated pamphlet for save keeping and continuous use. It is a deep and meaningful way to unlock the secrets of your hidden past lives and your regressions. This genuine analysis will unleash your curiosity and possibly make dramatic changes in your life now. This is extremely beneficial and informative. Highly recommended!


v.  Personality Astrology Forecast
This diagramed forecast makes you aware of your personal characteristics associated with your astrological sign. Your interest will create a unique insight and understanding about yourself and others. The cycles of the sun, moon and planets are given an in-depth pattern exploration, reflecting the sign under which you were born. This forecast highlights the complexity of your birth to the prominent personality temperament you exhibit today by explaining who you are, your life purpose, day to day forecast and where you should be. You will thoroughly enjoy examining your personality traits and behavioral patterns.

vi.  Numerology Report
This brilliantly laminated report performs an appraisal of your unique name and the numbers assigned to it. Your unique style, flare, personality and all that you are attracting through the vibrational magnet of your name. This report reveals the spiritual and emotional urgings that are expressed through your talents. This is a popular report for becoming conscious of all that you are intrinsically.

vii.  Couple Synergy Charts
This couple capability report is one of the most soul-level, illuminating analysis you will find! This report determines the deepest compatibility and potential between two unique people, as well as give an intricate description about their purpose, love and commitment prospective together in a relationship. This is a prerequisite for anyone on the road to a lasting and erotic filled relationship.

viii.  Deluxe Edition Astro Package (your choice of four)
Your complete personal package of any four items listed (iv through vii) is available upon your request. You will receive a magnificent laminated, comprehensive, colored chart detailing your inherent characteristics. You can choose from the couple report, astrology, numerology, relocation, relationship, your inner child or charts for your children. This is your chance to make discoveries so don't let them pass you by.



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